6 Remarkable Rice Terraces In Asia That Are Instagram Worthy

Oh, Asia… you are the getaway for the most secluded beaches in the world, exceptional hiking trails, vibrant culture, delicious street food and remarkable rice terrace, and much more! 

But Asia is one such continent on the planet that blazes the jaw-dropping rice terraces – be it be in Nepal or Bali or Vietnam or China or Japan. Considered to be the best continent for the mass production of rice in the world, Asia has some jaw-dropping rice terraces under its skin that are Instagram famous for its beauty. 

You will love discovering the lush green beauty of the rice terraces because the setting of the rice paddies itself is an art. If you are someone who wants to explore the picturesque rice terraces in Asia, then you will love exploring the endless rows of perfectly positioned rice paddies. 


  • Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Ubud, Bali


tegalalang rice terrace


For the immersive peace of mind, Bali is one of the best destinations in Asia where the jaw-dropping rice terraces are present. In Bali, mostly, the rice terraces are located in the Ubud, which is the heart and soul of Bali and is considered the cultural capital of Bali because of its cultural extravaganza. You should head to Ubud and explore its outskirts regions to delve into the rice fields of Tegallalang village. The rice paddies there in this charming village depicts the traditional irrigation systems inspired by the 8th century.


Take a romantic stroll amidst the lush green manicured rice fields and gaze at the nearby beauty of the Ubud. While there are cafes and restaurants in Ubud that overlooks the rice paddies and fields, the Tegalalang Rice Terrace are dotted with plenty of trees, and you will feel like you are stepping into the world of a storybook. Did we mention that the dramatic views within the Tegalalang vicinity create perfect picture opportunities?


  • Sapa, Vietnam 


Sapa, Vietnam 


Imagine you are in the middle of the lush green environment and surrounded with nature all around. Sapa is one such place which is located in the northern region of Vietnam and is amongst the most popular trekking areas in Asia. Due to the rapid tourist development in Sapa’s, you will get the chance to view the area’s splendid rice paddies, which are Instagram famous for their lush greenery. All you just need is to board an overnight train from Hanoi to reach Sapa. 

For the Instagrammable pictures, the rice terraces of Sapa, Vietnam are postcard perfect to bask 

You should spend two days in the mountain homestays for trekking the rice terraces in the best way! On your visit to Spa, you will locate that there are several hill tribes that operate the rice paddies. Watch the beautifully crafted rice paddies amidst the mountains, rolling hills. Marvel the gorgeous beauty of the rice fields because you will get the chance to explore the nearby mountain villages, pristine waterfalls that makes Sapa the must-visit destination. 


  • Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, China


Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, China


Rice paddies so remarkable they’ve been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Indeed, it’s valid. Situated in the south of China in Yuanyang province, the Honghe Hani rice porches spread 16,600-hectares and have been around throughout the preceding 1,300 years. Incorporated with the sides of the Ailao Mountains on the banks of the Hong River, the patios are made out of 3,000 layered degrees of fluctuating degrees. Looking from above gives the impression of having a feathered creature’s eye view to a human-sized labyrinth. 

The multifaceted nature and carefulness of these rice paddies are basically incomprehensible. The perplexing water system framework, created by the Hani individuals, channels water, starting from the mountaintops to their valuable paddies. It’s not so much a significant vacationer goal. However, picture takers rush here for the opportunity to catch the radiant perspectives.


  • Hamanoura Rice Terraces, Japan 


Hamanoura Rice Terraces, Japan 


Considered to the most untainted and delightful rice fields in Asia, Hamanoura Rice Terrace is set between a stream gorge framed sometime in the past by the Hamanoura River, these rice paddies straightforwardly face the western ocean in Japan’s Saga Prefecture. This implies the nightfalls over these rice paddies are fabulous with the hues reflecting off the ocean just as the water pools in every one of the rice porches. Indeed, even in the daytime, these rice paddies are wonderful. The varying hues and scene of the Hamanoura Rice Terraces is the thing that makes them extremely uncommon. 

The shoreline area is staggeringly remarkable, and the splendid green porches against the dark blue ocean make a shocking shading contrast. It’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why it’s been named a “Lover’s Sanctuary.”


  •  Yuanyang Terraces, China


Yuanyang Terraces, China


Are you planning to visit China on your vacation? Don’t miss touring Yuanyang Terrace, which is located on the southern slopes of the Ailao Mountains. This rice terrace is a hot topic of gazing natural beauty in China and is spread across 113 sq km through 300 steps. It is a legit stair to heaven you should check out on your China visit. This remarkable rice terrace was created by teh Hani Tribe from the last many generations. Once Yuanyang was a mountain area, but the locals turned it into an artistry beauty. A must visit place for the people who are shutterbugs.


  • Peeling Terraces, Sikkim, India


Peeling Terraces, Sikkim, India


The birthplace of culture, tradition, and vibrancy, India is known for its towering mountain ranges, lofty hill stations, and lush greenery spread across the acres. One such place to witness the oh-so-amazing rice terrace in India is Peeling, Sikkim. If you are visiting India on your vacations, make sure you take a road trip to Pelling from Gangtok and marvel at the pristine valleys, lush green forests, flowery bushes. If you are a couple, you will get the chance to take pictures in the backdrops of rhododendrons and bamboo groves. 

So, spend your vacations in Asia with your family or BAE, and enjoy the delightful time at any of these remarkably beautiful rice terraces in Asia while being surrounded by the lush greenery all around you!


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