7 Insta-Worthy Romantic Cities In Italy That Oozes Romance In Air

Italy is simply one of the best European cities for oozing romance because it has so many spectacular places under its belts that personifies romance in the best way. For lovebirds travelling in the name of love, you can’t be wrong with a trip to Italy’s best romantic cities. There are awful cities in Italy where literature, art, and sculptures all are magical to witness. People who love the old school book romance won’t find short of romantic things to do in Italy because of its an amalgamation of older times with the modern age. 

Whether you’re looking for romancing amidst the beautiful landscape beauty or would like to bask in the verdant mountain regions or unwind at the dazzling coastlines, there is no reason not to visit Italy’s most romantic cities on your Italy holidays. 

Check out the magical romantic spots in Italy for couples where creating an extra special moment of togetherness is a rewarding feeling. Don’t just hear from us, instead, discover yourself why you should visit these 7 romantic cities in Italy for extra special romance. 


  • Rome


Rome has been the eternal city of romance in Italy since ages. Here you can fall in love with your sweetheart again and again because romance is found in the air of Rome. If you want to live the fairytale romance in Rome, don’t forget to witness the city in style from a traditional horse-drawn carriage. There are many hotels dotted around Rome that are romantic for couples. Make sure you pick the one which is equipped with a bathtub to share with BAE. 

Don’t forget to treat your beloved by gifting him the flower bouquet from the street vendors. Take your sweetheart to the Trevi Fountain and make a wish to stay together. Unwind romantically in the evening and take a romantic stroll with your beloved on the banks of Tiber River. If your sweetheart is a sunset lover, take her to Orange Garden to witness the panoramic sunset views. And yes, stealing the kiss on the kissing bridge, Ponte Sisto is the best experience to tick with BAE. 


  • Verona


Do you want to romance in such a romantic Italian city where the famous poet – Shaekshpeare laid the scene of his popular romantic tragedy – Romeo and Juliet? If hearing this excites you, then take your sweetheart to the Verona and breathe romance in each corner and nook. Explore the heart of the house of Juliet, to spot the place where the Capello family once resided—standing on the country yard to rediscover the world-famous balcony moment of the star crossed lovers. 


  • Venice 


No trip to Italy is considered complete without exploring the pinnacle romantic city in Italy, Venice. A romantic day in Italy cannot be imagined without exploring Venice. With its gondolas, singing gondoliers, romantic rides through canals, Venice sprinkles romance in its name itself. You can steal a kiss or embrace each other in the evening time on a romantic stroll through the long promenade of Zattere. You will enjoy the light watching dancing on the waters. 

Embark on a food hopping and wine tasting tour. Head to St Mark’s Square with your beloved and climb the Campanile Bell Tower to enjoy the spectacular views of the canals and rooftops. You can steal a kiss and cuddle your sweetheart at the Rialto, the oldest bridge in Venice. 


  • Florence 


Want to leave your sweetheart aww-struck? Then explore the birthplace of Renaissance, Florence and admire the glorious architecture and tour the ancient museums to unlock the enthralling history. You can choose to sit on a bench outside the public gardens and share the lock of love by exchanging a passionate kiss. To gaze at the panoramic city views, ascend to the top of Duomo.

In the evening time, explore the vineyards on a guided tour and sip some of the best wines with your beloved! Fix your gastronomic sins by sipping the glass of the finest Italian Prosecco at the charming eateries.


  • Positano


Considered the best and the topmost amorous spot on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is listed as one of the best wedding destinations in Italy for the romance seeking couples. Couples visit Positano because the sunset from the Fornillo Beach is best spotted with the spouse. There are sunbeds at Fornillo Beach to unwind romantically with BAE. And if you want to arouse your romantic fantasy with more passion, you can choose to stay at the Le Sirenuse Hotel, where the scene of the romantic movie – “Only You” was picturized. You can take romantic strolls through the paths of the Gods, which is a scenic trail where you can bask in the glorious views of the breathtaking Amalfi Coast and the Capri island. 


  • Bologna


Head to Bologna with your spouse on Italy vacations if you want to surround yourself with the armour of medieval architecture. The best thing for couples to do in Bologna is to take a romantic stroll under the amazingly coloured Porticos that lead to the Sanctuary of San Luca. This activity will let you surprise your sweetheart with the breathtaking city views. 

One must take a bottle of wine because this sunset point demands to enjoy a wine-sipping excursion with BAE while witnessing the magnificent sunsets changing its colours. You can make your dinner experience magical by spending a night on Torre Prendiparte roofs while stargazing experience. 


  • Naples


Naples is the nostalgic seaside city where wandering hands in hands with your sweetheart is one of the best romantic things to do. The place is known for its turquoise blue waters where couples can spend some relaxing time while dipping their toes in the calm blue waters. 

The best romantic experiences in Naples includes taking a romantic stroll at the nighttime on the Vanderbilt Beach. Both of you and your sweetheart can go on a bicycle excursion to hop the city and explore the markets. If you are on for a water adventure, take a boat trip out to Capri from Naples to visit the tranquil. Blue grotto. 

So, hurry over to the maximum romantic cities in Italy on your Italy vacations and make 2020 a year to remember with Culture Holidays. 

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