Romantic things to do in Bali for most enhancing Couples

Bali stands itself as the most electrifying escape for the honeymooners, and with plenty of romantic things to do in Bali, many couples flock to this Indonesian island to recharge their love life. Whether you are looking for some adventure sports activities or you are searching for that perfect island vibe, Bali has got you covered.

The island is large and province in the middle of Indonesia and has been rising on the top of the honeymoon radar for its spellbinding landscapes, sun-drenched beaches, luxury hotels that are destination themselves.


It’s hard for you to pick the best romantic encounter on your Bali tour package. So, we have rounded up our list of oozing 10 romantic things to do in Bali for the honeymooners out there who wants a romance igniting honeymoon trip in Bali Indonesia. Keep reading to discover the romantic things to do in Bali.


Bali Romantic Things to Do

In Bali, you will get the best places to enjoy the romantic places. It is good to enjoy those moments but enjoying Best Places like Bali, you will get the most romantic place and memorable moments at all.

All the places are incredible in their ranking. The world has so amazing places at all but Bali is the most beautiful Place. The good thing is its freshness, so you have to go to Bali once in life.


Let’s Find out the Best Romantic Things to do in Bali

In the below section of this informative guide, we shared a lot of things to do. It’s your choice to find your favourite thing. Once you find your best romantic thing to in Bali, you can choose the best holiday package for Bali in Culture Holidays.

14. Watch The Romantic Sunset Together


Romantic Sunset Together at Bali

Romantic Sunset Together at Bali

I don’t know about you, but I personally have been to Bali previous year and couldn’t resist myself to watch how inky sky turns into pink and orange. Venturing out the sunset at Lovina Beach while spotting dolphin spotting adventure together with your sweetheart is on the top of the Bali romantic things to do.

You can also visit Sunday Beach Club in Bali on your Bali honeymoon trip and can spend some leisure time while sipping your cocktails with good Instagram decent pictures backdropping the orange sunset.


13. Snorkel The Reefs in Gili Islands

Snorkel The Reefs in Gili Islands

Snorkel The Reefs in Gili Islands Pic Credit- lombokmarine

Bali is a haven for surfers and beach bums alike. With so many rose gold beaches in Bali, Snorkelling, diving, banana boat riding are the best water sports activities in Bali. On your Bali tour package, tick the Gili Islands tour and spot the turtles, underwater statues, and some colourful marine life.

In Gili island, you can find the private pool, if you went with your loved once and also went for the honeymoon. June and September or between these two months is the best time in Bali to visit Gili island. In private pools, you will get all the possible things which are mandatory for the honeymooners.

Gili Islands is the cluster of 3 islands and is a major tourist destination for Bali tourism.


12. Hunt Down Pristine Waterfalls

Hunt Down Pristine Waterfalls

    Hunt Down Pristine Waterfalls

If encountering natural beauty is the spice of your Bali tour package, then lace your hiking sneakers and visit the gurgling waterfalls in Bali. Surrounded by the beautiful rainforests, Bali has some picture-worthy waterfalls.

Soak the sight and sound of gurgling waters and picture yourself a hiking the impressive Tegenungan Waterfall. It is one of the biggest and famous waterfalls in Bali and is positioned around 20 km from the downside of Ubud.

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There is a swing in the Tegenungan Waterfall which gives couples the idea of a romanticized honeymoon in Bali. Visit there to spend some leisure time.


11. Take The Blissful Spa Treatment

Take The Blissful Spa Treatment

Take The Blissful Spa Treatment

You only go for a honeymoon for the first and last time to make it purposeful and treat yourself right! Recharge your mind and soul and awaken your inner romantic bug by taking a couple massage together in God’s Own Island.

Spa treatments in Bali are bliss and are considered one of the best romantic things to do in Bali for honeymooners.

Many of the resorts or hotels in Bali have affordable spa treatment options for couples. The resorts or hotels are super romantic to picture yourself that you’re in paradise. Trust us!


10. Visit The Beautiful Temples

Temple is Bali

Truth is; Kuta is overrun by tourists like you, but one can’t deny that Kuta has a long golden white coastline. And it is a first class surfing destination in Bali. Apart from its fabulous beaches, Kuta has beautiful temples that personify a fantastic value for the cultural freaks.

You’ll feel the sense of spirituality in your nerves when you’ll visit the Leung Gwan Kuta Temple and Kongco Bio Kuta Chinese Temple in Kuta.

Heat up your romance in Kuta by watching a beachside movie at Karma Beach. Don’t miss out the most romantic thing to do in Bali Kuta which is watching a movie at the Karma Beach with your special someone.


9. Tour The Scenic Nusa Dua Island

Scenic Nusa Dua Island

Scenic Nusa Dua Island

Looking for the romantic things to do in Nusa Dua? Hitch a ride around Nusa Dua island in Bali. And you see what this Indonesian Island holds under its belt of attractions. Nusa Dua island in Bali is framed as the upscale district of Bali because of its high-end resorts located here.

In Nusa Dua island you will find the Nusa Lembongan which is found for tourists and it is a newly discovered island for tourists. You can reach this island from your hotel by book a sunar from your staying place.

Ride on the camelback with your sweetheart because no tourist come back without experiencing camel safari adventure on their Bali honeymoon package.

From watersports activities to romantic dinner in the caves; from flavoursome beachside food to diving at the pristine inky blue beaches, Nusa Dua has a surprise in every corner. Go visit there!


8. Experience The Thrilling Wildlife At Monkey Forest

Thrilling Wildlife At Monkey Forest

Thrilling Wildlife At Monkey Forest

Watch the little guys in action and head to the Ubud Monkey Forest and fancy selfies with the monkeys!  One of the top places to visit in Bali Indonesia for couples. And for adventure freaks, Monkey Forest in Ubud demands a visit.

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Here you will come across with various monkeys that are sure to steal your eating items or snacks. So, it is advised to come with bare hands to expect mobile or camera with uttermost care. As the monkeys here are naughty and they will snatch your food if they see it in your hands.


7. Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

Batur Sunrise Bali

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek is quite well known for its spellbinding surreal sky turning from inky blue to pink and orange. Mt Batur is the active volcano which is situated in the Kintamani district of Bali. And shares a considerable amount of distance from the beach towns of Kuta and culturally rich Ubud town.


Wake up early between 1 am- 2 am and hike the Mt Batur Trek for the raw beauty! Enjoy a mouthwatering breakfast after reaching the top of the trek.


6. Go For White Water Rafting in Ayung River

Water Rafting Ayug River

Do you have an extreme fear of waters? Well, drop that concern and indulge in the adventures white water rafting fun in Ayung River which is near Ubud.

The Ayung white water rafting trail gives a ten kilometres path to want 1.5 – 2 hours to meander through. However, one’s hours are going to fly so speedily because you will overlook the time as you’re having a splendid time in the adventure.


5. Spend the day on the pool at Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach

If you are searching for some of the beautiful beaches in Bali you are in the right place when you will be at Seminyak Beach. The beach Seminyak is a little away from the famous Kuta beach, and the most enjoying thing is the world-class cuisines.

You will find the crown of beach lovers in Seminyak. Most of the people are flock out to this place at night and will come directly from Kuta for the beach clubs. Kuta has also clubs and the sand and pool are missing like Seminyak Beach Club.

The main reasons to visit this beach is the beach club and the amazing beach bars to enjoy the nightlife as you want. The facilities of this beach are fully facilitated with eating and drinking services.

4. Enjoy the sunset at Uluwatu Temple with your partner

Sight Seeing Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu temple has six sides of view and is situated at a deep cliff of the mountain. The temple has gone more romantic by including the sea because the hight of the sea from this temple is 7 meters only. You and your partner feel like paradise by enjoying sunset views. It can be the most romantic moment in the whole world.

Some of the travel bloggers called this temple “The sunset point” for lovers. So with my recommendations, you must have to go for enjoying this precious moment for 1-2 hour at least.

3. Enjoying the Adventures dip to Jimbaran Beach

Spa Therapy at La Jimbaran

Most of the couples love to do Scuba Diving, Rafting, Enjoying Banana Boat, Jet-Pack and more electrifying things to do at the beaches. One of the best romantic things to do at this beach is Wake Sliding in the sea, it is like rafting but is good for the couples. Challenge to your partner for wit a thrilling wave. I admitted to telling you that this is the most electrifying beach in the whole of Bali for adventure with your partner.

2. Take a surfing ride at Angel’s Billabong Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida

In Nusa Penida, there are huge things available for couples. You can find beaches, resorts and beach club at this place. Take surfing ride with your partner makes more love at all. This is the moment when you and your lovers are closest at all. Some of the Travel bloggers call to this Beach a perfect spot in Bali for surfing with your partner. You can take a boat ride also a private boat ride with your partner and there will be none of the people who disturb you at all.


1. Learn The Balinese Culture

Balinese Culture

It would be no longer true if you visit Bali and don’t bask inside the culture of Bali. Much like its name – The God’s Island, Bali takes this name very, and there are lots of possibilities for the tourists to examine why Balinese humans are passionate about their lifestyle.

For prestigious conventional dances to excellent dining restaurants to witness the most famous dance form Barong to Wali Dance, you’ll get to research the in-intensity insider knowledge of Balinese lifestyle.

Make your dream come true of honeymooning in the paradise island Bali. Inspired by our list of romantic things to do in Bali. Let us know your thoughts.

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