There Is A France In India, We Bet You Didn’t Know About It!

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India is the fascinating country of wonders that never fails to surprise tourists.


Be it historical sites or ancient monuments, snow-capped mountains or untouched beaches, desserts to lush green forests, India has everything! Puducherry, or what people still know by the name of Pondicherry, is a prized Nagina of this treasure. Unlike other cities of India, Puducherry is called the Little French Capital of our country. This place is very special, not only for walking but also from a spiritual and religious point of view. For this reason, millions of tourists come here throughout the year.


The city had been under the authority of France for 300 years, so even today the French colony, their architectural craft and culture, is well preserved here.


By taking a short break from your busy life, you can also enjoy a great walk-in Puducherry. First of all, you have to see the best season of your journey. So what you need to know before planning a trip here, we tell you –


Places To Visit In Pondicherry


  1. White Town


White Town Pondicherry


Do not forget to visit this French colony called ‘White Town’ to get a glimpse of French civilization. Beautiful houses painted in white and yellow, lined with trees and queues of bougainvillaea on either side of the road, give you the full feel of France. Most of the houses have now been converted into beautiful boutique hotels, restaurants and boutique stores that sell jewelry, designer clothes. Take your time to come here and take a walk to see the architecture and simple beauty.


  1. Auroville – Experience Spirituality in Puducherry


Auroville - Experience Spirituality in Puducherry


Feel yourself spiritually in the world peace city of Auroville. Make sure to take a day off here or spend a few nights at the Auroville guesthouse. Every year hundreds of people come here in search of peace.


Auroville, also known as ‘The City of Dawn’ or ‘City of Navajivan’, was inhabited by Meera Richards, considered the spiritual heir of Aurobindo. She is also known as ‘Maa’ after settling in India for a long time.


In this huge village made of red soil, you will find unique houses all around, greenery spread far and wide, running bicycles and bikes on raw trails. On seeing this scene, you will find yourself saying that it is one of the most beautiful places in India, which should be in the bucket list of every nature lover and peace seeker. In the heart of this modern village is a large ‘Matri’ temple, a golden circular building with a huge crystal inside.


Apart from this, you will find a variety of different style boutiques, book shops, cafes, restaurants serving international food and many modern things, attracting tourists throughout the year.


  1. Promenade beach


Promenade beach


The rays of the sun kissing the white sand – a perfect combination


If you are a fan of sun and sand, then definitely visit any of these four popular beaches of Puducherry:


Promenade Beach, Serenity Beach, Auroville Beach and Paradise Beach. You can enjoy the waves of the sea by sitting in the shade of palm trees on these beaches with a walk of comfort.


Scuba diving and lots of fun with beautiful underwater corals


Scuba diving is one of the most thrilling and fun things to do in Puducherry. In fact, Puducherry is the only diving site on the east coast of India. Natural coral reefs, protruding rocks and many marine creatures are the speciality of this place.


Sea creatures include corals, lionfish, grouper fish, kingfish, moray eels, eagles, manta rez, parrotfish, sea snakes, triggerfish, angelfish, bannerfish, and crustacean fauna.


  1. Paradise beach


Paradise beach Pondicherry


Sunrise, sunset and romantic walks on the beaches of Puducherry


Here you will find all that will make your holiday memorable, white beach, sunshine, slow-moving air and your partner !!! What else needs to be romantic?


There are some things in life that a human being never gets tired or bored, and watching the sunrise is at the top of this list. If you want to see a magical sunrise, Pondicherry is the place to be. The rising sun from the deep blue sea fills the heart with spirituality.


When you come here, do not forget to watch the sunset while strolling at the beach and yes, save for a night bonfire. Apart from this, night clubs, pubs, camping and adventure sports are the great attractions here.


Serenity Beach The golden sands, the calm coastline, the shining waves, the cosy shacks and the magnificent beach, make Pondicherry’s Serenity a highlight of the beach.


From boulders and rocks to nets and fishermen’s boats, from serene beaches to patting waves and cafes, you’ll find it here. There are one to two shacks where some snacks and fresh coconut water are also available.


  1. Cafe des Arts – Unique and delicious food


Cafe des Arts - Unique and delicious food


No matter where such a variety of food goes, whether it’s the coast or inside the French colony, in this small town, the number of cafes and restaurants and the food fusion is amazing.


Puducherry, with its French and Tamil influences-rich culture, offers some surprising options for food lovers. The lovely atmosphere and friendly service provide a home-like experience.


From French bakery to Tamilian idli, with its spicy sauce, this cafe offers tasty food to travellers. This place is nothing less than a paradise for food lovers !!!


Nearby Experiences To Have In Pondicherry


temple of Mahabalipuram


There are also many attractive places around Puducherry that you can plan to visit while travelling here. Archaeological sites from the temple of Mahabalipuram to Arikamedu which have a history dating back to 2 centuries. Or a picnic spot at Oster Lake or the Wood Fossil Park at Thiruvakkarai, the first wood-fossil park in India, you can visit any of these places depending on your interest.


Puducherry is a small place, and you can see everything here in a day. If you have more time, you can relax and enjoy your life in simple things. From yoga and meditation to experience making clay pots or just sitting on the beach and enjoying the waves, there are many ways to spend a holiday in Puducherry.


So, tell us whether you will explore the French Capital Of India, Pondicherry after the travel restriction ends? Tell us in the comments down!


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