Things To Do In Egypt To Explore The Best

Millions of tourists visit Egypt – one of the oldest civilizations – to witness the mysterious beauty of pyramids and a plethora of other important aspects of the country. Giant ancient monuments resting alongside the Nile River Valley provide a backbone to this historically significant country. Whether it’s Cairo city, the Mecca of Egyptian Museum, Giza, or Sphinx – Egypt never fails to please us with its impeccable beauty. Moreover, if you are under the impression that Egypt is only about its historical destinations, then while staying tuned to this post you will realize that it’s completely wrong.

So, if you are planning to put Egypt in your bucket list, then consider these places to explore:


  • Gayer Anderson Museum: Witness Marvelous Artefacts


Gayer Anderson Museum egypt

Egypt has numerous museums that highlight century-old artifacts and stories. One such museum is the Gayer-Anderson Museum located in Cairo city. Furnished with exhibiting art, jaw-dropping historic pieces, and several ranges of artifacts, this museum is a must-visit destination for all the people who are fascinated by history. Do you know it was the house of an important person, Gayer Anderson, a British officer in the Egyptian army, and it was originally built in 1632? So breathtaking! Right? It was restored successfully and transformed into a museum in 1945. It possesses an extraordinary patchwork of Islamic styles and artifacts.



  • Al Azhar Park: Take A Walk


Al Azhar Park

Located at the center of the city Cairo, this awe-inspiring park is constructed by restoring the depleted paths and gardens. Do you know what the best thing about this park is? You can have an amazing and eye-popping 360° view of Cairo city. Mosques of Darb Al Ahmar, the City of the Dead, the ancient Fatimid city, and much more – you can witness these amazing sites from the park. If you prefer to spend quality time with your family, you can have it while you are in the park.



  • Hurghada: Witness Underwater Beauty



If you are a scuba diving freak, then Hurghada in Egypt is an ideal place for you to witness the underwater beauty. Once you are here, the pristine water will introduce you to the mysterious and marvelous world of underwater species. Being a popular scuba diving site of the Red Sea, it is embossed with numerous hotels, resorts, and diving centers. Its sandy shores and coral reefs provide you a beautiful escape from the bustling city life. However, before diving into the water, it is always recommended to have a good experience of swimming and scuba diving. If you are not so good in scuba diving or you are just about to start learning it, then it is a perfect place to acquire the best experience.



  • Abu Simbel: Explore the Egyptian Pharaoh


Abu Simbel

Time travel with one of the most impressive destinations in Egypt – Abu Simbel Temple. This temple is something that you cannot miss if you consider yourself a globetrotter. It possesses gigantic rock having meticulous carvings, which astonishingly depict the Egyptian pharaoh. These carvings were built by highlighting the Egyptian border with Nubia, thus showcasing the enormous power and strength of the country Egypt to the whole world. You will be carried away by the fact that Abu Simbel was buried and forgotten until discovered by the Swiss explorer in 1813.


  • Buy Papyrus At Giza


Papyrus At Giza

Do you want to know how ancient people in Egypt used to make papers from papyrus? If so, visit the Papyrus Institute in Giza, which offers some demo to its visitors on the process of papermaking that was followed centuries ago. The pulp derived from the Papyrus trees grown in the Nile River region was used by the ancient people to create paper. So, if you love collecting ancient items, then buy papyrus and enjoy the ancient art of papermaking at Giza. Go ahead to understand the importance of Papyrus in historical Egyptian culture.



  • Badr Museum: Explore The Art


Badr Museum egypt

Located in the Farafra region of the desert, Badr Museum is dedicated to the Egyptian artist Badr Abel Moghany. It is the perfect memorabilia of Moghany’s arts and works. What makes this place more interesting is that each art is made using natural materials such as stone, sand, and mud. This vividly displays the life of the desert people. Isn’t it fascinating? Moreover, do you know that the whole museum is also a piece of art that is made of mud bricks? Shocked! Right? Never forget to visit this marvelous destination while you are in Egypt.



  • The Pyramids Of Giza: One Of The Seven Wonders


Pyramids Of Giza

This destination is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. Do you know these mysterious and gigantic Pyramids of Giza were built approximately 4000 years ago? The building of the pyramids are well known as Mycerinus, Chephren, and Cheops, which were meticulously crafted by extremely skilled stonecutters, masons, and mathematicians. It is still a jaw-dropping and mysterious fact that how the people in early civilization were able to build this intelligently engineered architecture with their primitive tools. No wonder, why it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.



  • Abydos: Explore The Mysteriousness



Being the most interesting city in Egypt – Abydos fascinates archaeologists the most. Excitement and thrill are always there whenever you will visit the city of Abydos. One of the famous sites in this city is the temple of Seti, which consists of the majority of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. At every glance that you make around and every turn you take, something incredibly mysterious is certainly revealed. A plethora of mysterious hieroglyphics will really baffle you as it displays images similar to choppers, planes, and submarines. So, does this mean that such innovative technologies were also present in ancient times? It’s still a mystery!



  • The Wadi Gimal National Park: Try A Camel Ride


The Wadi Gimal National Park

Well-known for its emeralds and gold in ancient centuries, Wadi Gimal still gives us a tremendous opportunity to explore the treasures in the form of natural wonders. The Wadi Gimal National Park is also popularly known as the Valley of the Camels. The lush green trees, vivacious mountains, and dense mangrove jungles of Wadi Gimal provide you the ultimate escape from your daily hectic life. You will never regret for taking an exciting camel ride in this valley, as it will provide you the ultimate view of nature’s wonders and some wild gazelles in the area.



  • Sahara Safari


Sahara Safari

Traveling across the endless stretch of sand might be an exhaustive experience for you. So, if you can toss a jeep safari, then it will be like a cherry on the top of a delicious cake. It will be a marvelous experience for you to ride on the golden sand and have a great view of the desert world. Moreover, you can also reach Bedouin village and have some snacks and a cup of tea with the local villagers, and then go ahead to explore the vast desert. Quite amazing! Isn’t it?


So, next time you travel this magnificent country, keep in mind these mesmerizing sites to witness the marvelous confluence of ancient history and modern luxuries. Don’t forget to pack sunglasses, hats, sunscreens, and cotton or linen clothes while visiting in summer. Explore the enthralling beauty of the country and have some memorable as well as unique vacay experiences.


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