12 Important Things You Must Know Before Visiting The Tropical Paradise Maldives

If you are heading to the slice of paradise in the Indian Ocean, there are important things you must know about the tropical Maldives. In this blog post, I’m going to cover the things not to do in the Maldives as a responsible traveller. So, lend me your ears, and bookmark the blog for sorting your Maldives vacations. 


The Maldives is the country which is renowned for its brilliant blue water beaches, palm-fringed shores, alluring coral reefs, affluent overwater resorts, and much more! It is considered to be the most admired destination for couples where luxurious vacation dreams are handsomely curated with the spellbinding romance. It is also true, that the Maldives is pretty much the same that you have watched on Instagram. 


Get To Know About The Maldives :


The Maldives is an Islamic country which is known for its well-preserved culture too! Being an Islamic country, the set of rules and regulations in the Maldives are strict for the locals as well as for the tourists. From locals to tourists who fly to the Maldives, everyone respects the rules and the guidelines. While you stay as a tourist in the Maldives, you must unlock hassle-free experience without breaking the rules Maldives authorities have made. 


Without taking your much time, we have curated the list of important things which as a tourist, you shouldn’t do and avoid your Maldives vacation package. Take a look at them for a sorted Maldives vacation. 


1. Don’t Wear Bikinis On The Restricted Places

Being an Islamic country, wearing bikinis or taking off your T-Shirt on local island beaches is strictly not allowed in the Maldives. Roaming around in a bikini in the local islands is something you should avoid in order to skip trouble. However, you can wear anything you want and flaunt your sexy body in your private island resort stay. 


2. No Alcohol In The Public Place

You guys heard it right! The Maldives is an Islamic country and you cannot drink and carry alcohol on the local islands. Although, you can sip your favourite drink of alcohol in your private island resort stay and no one will ask you why you are doing it. But when in public and local islands, you will land in trouble if you sip a cocktail and carry it with yourself! So, you should avoid Alcohol. 


3. No To Drugs

If you don’t want to get trapped in serious punishment by the Maldivian authorities, then consuming the drugs like weed, the hash is a serious crime and you should not do it in the Maldives. One can consume alcohol in their private island resort, but rules for taking drugs will lend you in jail. Remember that the Maldives is an Islamic country, and their religion doesn’t demand consumption drugs!

4. Don’t Display Intimacy In The Public

Being the Islamic dominant country, the Maldives culture is conservative and preserved. You should not display intimacy in the public especially, not in the local islands where the local people reside. Let your Maldives vacations be memorable and add strokes of intimate moments in your luxurious private island resort. From planning a romantic beachside dinner to walking hand in hand with your soulmate, the intimate moments are best weaved in the Maldives when you are in your private island resort. 


5. Indulge in Snorkeling By Applying Sunscreen Lotion

For sure you are going to snorkel the exotic corals and marine life in the Maldives. But make sure you snorkel by applying sunscreen lotion. This is important for you as much as it seems. You will burn yourself in the heat and the tan you will get is dreadfully painful. It’s better to enjoy the marine life in the Maldives, but with proper skin care and proper sunscreen lotion. 


6. The Maldives Have More Than 1100+ Islands

With around 1100+ islands under its belt, the Maldives is a cluster of local islands and private island resorts. You should discover the most prominent Maldives islands on your vacay! Remember that the local islands in the Maldives are not for drinking, and showcasing your body on the beach. If you want to do the same, private island resorts are best. 

7.  30 Days Visa On Arrival

For many nationalities, Maldives offers 30 days free tourist visa on arrival. All you have to do is to show your accommodation, return ticket to the immigration department at the Maldives airport. 

8. A Muslim Country Maldives Is

Before visiting the Maldives, you must know that everyone in the Maldives follows the Muslim religion. From food to alcohol, the locals and the government authorities in the Maldives are very strict. Prok and alcohol is not allowed, except in the private island resorts. You must abide by the laws made by the Maldives government if you are exploring the local Maldives islands. 

9. Luxury Resorts In The Maldives Are In Private Islands Resorts

The most luxurious Maldives Resorts are tucked on private islands, and most of them are accessible only by the seaplane transfers. Everything in the private island resorts in the Maldives is pretty much expensive, and it’s no wonder why its so. The Maldives is known as one of the most luxurious destinations for couples, and we guess that luxury has a price tag. Isn’t it right? The cheapest resort in the Maldives on private islands will cost you around USD 200-300 per night. 

10. Local Islands Offer Budget  Staying Options

The local islands in the Maldives are much cheaper compared to private island resort stays. However, the food variety on local islands are not in abundance, but still, you will locate the fresh cuisine meals. Reaching a local island is relatively easier and much cheaper. One can reach via public boat in approx $2-$4. Also, one can take the speedboat ride, which will cost you around $25-$30. 

11. Guest Houses Are Available In Maldives

No, my friend, staying options in the Maldives are not restricted only to private island resorts, overwater villas and bungalows. One can find the guest houses that will cost you approx $40-$60 USD per night for two people, including morning meals. The guest houses are equipped with a toilet and comfortable rooms, and most of them come with a private balcony. 

12. Avoid staying too many days in the Maldives

4-5 Days Are Enough To Explore The Best Of Maldives. In 4-5 days, you can explore the local islands and indulge in watersports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and much more. Anything more than one week will be too much for you in terms of expense. 

Now you know the important things that you must avoid in the Maldives vacation package. Make sure to bookmark this article and points if you are intending to visit the Maldives in the upcoming days! And if you like the article, sharing is caring! Share it with your friends to inspire them!


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