7 Top Reasons To Visit Bhutan After Travel Restriction Ends



Nothing is better than Bhutan for your international trip!


After the travel restrictions are lifted, going on an unexplored international destination is what wanderlust is planning! If you too are wondering which foreign trip you should choose, or have questions like; I have never traveled abroad, then I have brought such information for you If you are planning to travel abroad for the first time.


Bhutan is the best place for you. Bhutan, a clean country surrounded by snowy mountains, where the beauty of nature is different.


A country that is still so far from destruction in the name of modernity, that electricity is also made here with solar energy. The country where so many secrets are buried, that even today it is called the country of the dragon.


Beautiful forts built on mountains covered with forests, colorful houses made of wood, and Bhutanese people living in them stand ready to welcome you.


Apart from these, there are:

7 Top Reasons To Visit Bhutan After Travel Restriction Ends




Comfortable Backpacking


Bhutan is very cold from October to December, so it is good if you pack lots of hot clothes while packing. Pack two to three layers of hot thermal, woolen nudes, running shoes, and other wear items.


In the first aid kit, keep the medicine named Mox, which gives a lot of work when you are on the mountain. If you keep the passport valid for at least six months, and the voter ID card in the documents, you get the travel permit in a pinch. Overseas medical insurance is also very useful in the event of a flight cancellation or a medical emergency.


Landing At Paro Is The Beginning Of Adventure


Landing At Paro Is The Beginning Of Adventure


Flying a plane in Bhutan is not an easy task. When the plane turns through deep valleys, the nearby mountains look so close from the window, that just raise your hand and touch it. In such a situation, it is as if the wings of the plane had just got off the mountain. Heartache comes in the mouth. Perhaps that is why only eight pilots of the world are allowed to fly airplanes here. How amazing is it sounding?


Bhutan Is Safe For Women Travelers


Bhutan Travel


If you want to move your vehicle to Bhutan on your terms, then you get a permit with ease. If the car is your own, then the original documents and your driving license are required. Otherwise, you get a permit with the Immigration Office in Phuentsholing. When you get information about the hotels coming between the road, then it becomes easy to walk while resting.


Bhutanese Locals Are Warm And Hospitable


Bhutanese Locals Are Warm And Hospitable


According to us, one of the best reasons for visiting Bhutan is that people here welcome you with great warmth and love. People here take care of your every need, whether you are staying in a big hotel in Paro or a village house in a rural area like Bumthang.


Embrace The Small Things About Bhutan


Embrace The Small Things About Bhutan


Bhutan is a country where the progress of the country is not measured by gross domestic product but by the scale of gross national happiness. Yes, it is true. Television came here just ten years ago. Every citizen in Bhutan considers New Year’s Day as his birthday. Hence, everyone celebrates the new year with great pomp here.


Get Lost In The Peace Of Bhutan Landscape




Traffic in Thimphu, one of the two capitals of Asia, remains under discipline without a traffic light. Traffic policemen wearing white gloves are deployed every morning to maintain discipline. Here people are punished for driving at high speed or playing the horn. The forests are spread over 60 percent of this country and many high peaks are not tampered with to keep them naturally. If you like to spend a few days holiday in peace, then Bhutan is the right place.



One Of The Best Mountain Trails Are Located In Bhutan


Tigers Nest Monastery


Yes! Tiger’s Nest Monastery is one such example. This iconic monastery is perched on the edge of the high cliff. The hike to this monastery is challenging but rewarding too! After reaching atop the monastery, gaze at the Paro Valley views. If you are a keen hiker, then embark on the snowman hike and trek around 13 mountain passes. Bhutan is the trekker’s paradise.




Now you know the reason why you should plan a Bhutan tour package. If you are looking for affordable Bhutan trips, contact Culture Holidays. We will make you explore the off the beaten path, make a divine prayer at monasteries, and embark on challenging trekking trails.

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