Umaid Bhawan Palace, Full Of Royal Chic, Is India’s Most Luxurious Hotel

It was a time of famine. There was no rain for three consecutive years. The villages were struggling with hunger until that time. The grain was running out and there was no work to do. Everyone pleaded with the King Umaid Singh of Jodhpur that there is no tax, there is no work to give to the state. The palace that Raja Umaid Singh built at that time for the purpose of giving work to the people, is today the most luxurious hotel in India. The name is Umaid Bhawan Palace. Let’s know about this luxurious building.




How Is Umaid Bhawan Palace Built


There was no water facility anywhere around this house built on the Chittar hills of Jodhpur. A railway line was built between the rocks and sand dunes which became the lifeline of this building.


About 1.2 million rupees were spent at the time to build this 347-room building. But if you see this palace today, then it seems that the price has not gone in vain, but perhaps this money could not have been used better than this.




The palace has a total land of 26 acres, of which only about 15 acres are covered by gardens and orchards. A private meeting hall, durbar hall, banquet hall, private dining hall, library, indoor swimming pool and spa, billiards room, four tennis courts and much more to meet the public resides in this city-wide paradise.


The glory of this palace can be gauged from the fact that one of the most famous weddings in the world, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married here.


Room And Suite




The 20th-century art-deco style adorns the 64 luxury rooms here. From here you can enjoy watching the gardens in front of you. Special Makrana marble has been used in the bathroom. Maybe this color of Vastu has become old for the world, but its beauty is seen by coming to this building.


  1. Historic Sweet

Historic Sweet

In these rooms, guests of the royal houses were accommodated for some time. In this, you get the best luxury in the world, which has the smell of the East and the glimpse of the West.


  1. Royal Sweet

Royal Sweet

That beautiful view of the Baradari lawn and the majestic fort of Mehrangarh standing in front, something like this happens here in the morning.


  1. Grand Royal Sweet

Grand Royal Sweet

Even here, the idea is beyond the limits of being royal. The size of the suite here is slightly more than the previous rooms. A large living room and large bedroom, all decorated for you.


  1. Maharaja Sweet

Maharaja Sweet

These 4,200 square feet suites are decorated for the grand reception of the Maharajas. You must enjoy them. The simplicity and grandeur of a different kind is welcomed by visiting the Maharaja Suite.


  1. Queen Sweet

Queen Sweet

Once upon a time, this sweet was built for the queens, it is the most luxurious suite in the entire building. From here you have the best views of Mehrangarh Fort. This facility specially designed for queens has every thought of their convenience.


Restaurants and bars


Restaurants and bars umaid-bhawan-jodhpur.jpg


Be sure to taste the Rajasthani plate in the building. The Rajshahi Thali of Rajasthan meets in Risala. The royal family once ate their meals here. Apart from this, there is a special list of special continental and fusion Indian mines for your food.


Apart from Risala, you can taste Rajasthani flavors and other dishes in the Pilar Cafe where the Mehrangarh Fort is seen.


Apart from the Risala and Pilar cafes, there is also a trophy bar. When the king came back to his palace to win a war or after the shooting, his food was welcomed here. The flavor here is cooked with this story in mind.


Tell us in the comments section with whom you’d like to go on vacation at  Umaid Bhawan Palace once the pandemic is over?


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