What Tourists Don’t Know About Thailand?

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MAJOR CITIES:  Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai in the north; Bangkok, Phuket & Krabi

BEST TIME TO VISIT: Throughout the year



Thailand is a Southeast Asian country and is considered one of the affordable international holiday destinations for luxury-loving travellers. Around 2 million tourists across the globe the previous year went to Thailand. This beautiful country is blessed with pristine beaches, idyllic islands, luxurious resorts and yes, as you all know, no trip to Thailand I considered complete without recharging your mind, body with Thai massage.


There are plenty of things we are sure you didn’t hear about Thailand. Apart from its immaculate beaches, pristine islands, friendly locals, we are going to tell you some unexplored things to know before you go to Thailand.


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It’s Huge

thailand map

Thailand is shockingly huge, extending 1,648 km (1,024 mi) north to south and 780 km (485 mi). Every region has one of a kind topographical highlights with lavish, downpour woodland canvassed slopes in the north, transcending limestone tops in the south, and delightful beaches along the broad coastline. The social contrasts are similarly differentiating, making every district deserving of a visit.


Transportation Varies According To Geography

thailand Transportation

Every single significant city, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the north; Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi in the south, offer standard ride alternatives like taxicabs, the Grab App, and obviously Tuk Tuks. Alongside being a social must do, finding a Tuk is regularly a lot less expensive than taxis. Except if you have a great deal of time to take transport, flying is the favoured choice to get between districts. There are too modest carriers all over Southeast Asia including Tiger Air, Air Asia, Thai Smile and Lion Air. We’re an aficionado of Thai Smile, an appropriation of Thai Airways, our preferred aircraft on the planet!


Bangkok Is As Same As NYC To America


Essentially like Thailand’s New York City, Bangkok is gigantic to the point that it could warrant a few outings all alone. The must-do attractions incorporate Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Arun, Wat Pho’s monster leaning back Buddha, and the coasting markets. There are two air terminals, not particularly near each other, so be certain you know which one you are flying all through. Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) is the most up to date, somewhat out of the city, however with better transportation arrangement. Wear Muang Airport (DMK) is the more established alternative closer to the downtown area that oversees a significant number of the rebate airline. There is a transport that can take you to and fro, yet the drive time differs fiercely from 50 minutes to more than two hours.


Food Is Mouthwatering

thailand Food

It’s constantly exceptional to appreciate nearby cooking, yet Thailand is our pick for the most one of a kind and delicious food in the entirety of our movements. Huge numbers of the flavours we had never experienced, making outings to the nearby markets an entire day issue. The organic products alone merit the outing. Remember that a significant part of the road seller choices in this piece of the world is made new day by day and may not be shown in manners that you are familiar with. Individuals have likewise been eating bugs for centuries, so to live somewhat is an attempt at a few!


Spa And Massage Are Recharging

thailand Spa

For some, a great swapping scale makes Thailand a magnificent area to treat yourself. Acclaimed Thai back rubs cost about USD 10 for the hour and rambling manors cost as much as a basic hotel in a great part of the world. Custom garments may take a couple of days, yet can be made for a small amount of the expense of architect styles off the rack somewhere else. Include the great accommodation of the “Place where there are Smiles” and this makes Thailand one of the preferred holiday places on the planet!


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