Why Foreigners Are So Amazed By India?

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As crazy as it sounds, India is an intense experience. You would be hard-pressed to find a country on the planet that blazes it’s way more than India. The perpetual bag of wonders, India is on the international tourist radar for the very right reasons. We’ve been in the tourism sector for the 18 years and in many instances, we found that there are tons of reasons to make a touristy affair with India.

But from the perspective of international tourists, it would be right to say that foreigners slightly go differently from the Indian vacationers when it comes to making a wandering affair with India.

When we discussed India from one of our regular international tourist circle, what we observe is the fact that the way foreigners look India from a different perspective. Rather than making memories amidst the shimmering lakes of Udaipur or kissing amidst the snowy-mountain alps of the Himalayas and a beach affair in the pristine beaches of India, they take a road less traveled and choose to rejuvenate their senses in the vibrancy and the tranquillity of the Varanasi Ghats, Camel Fair of Pushkar, the craziness that is all around in the bustling streets of Delhi is what makes international tourists call out loud for planning a vacations to India again and again.

To give you the in-depth knowledge of why foreigners always cherish their holidays to India, Culture Holidays brings you a few of the reasons to make a touristy affair with India. Read on, and thanks us later!

  1. India has beautiful chaos

Rickshaw ride Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi

What does that mean? Most of you will start with this thought. Well, let me tell you that if you talk to any foreign traveller who had been to India, he would say this to you that India has beautiful chaos. The chaos that let you see the lives of Indian people right from shopping affair at the Chandni Chowk to touring in a cluster bus to staying in the homestays. What ‘you people hate about India, is very much appreciated by us’ – Said MR: Kelvin Thomson, who had been on his tour to India.


  1. Money Can’t Buy Happiness Here


Well, chances are you’ve heard the tagline of Indian tourism – “Atithi Devo Bhava”. This means that the warmth of the Indian people, the hospitality they offer to international tourists is nowhere else in this globe. You don’t have to make a hole in your pocket while you’re on your India tour. There are some pretty affordable homestays and resorts that will fit right into your budget. And while you’re in India, there are many things you can do with free of cost like photobombing the majestic UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Taj Mahal, Lotus Temple, Amber Fort and similar.  Moreover, you can spend leisurely time with the villagers which would be the right choice for you guys on your India tour.

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  1. Incredible India Will Broaden Your Travelling Perspective

Solo women travel in India

Unfortunately, in recent years, India has been received a lot of negative publicity in regards to women safety. But let us aware you that travelling to India is totally safe. No matter what your purpose is. Whether you’re travelling for your honeymoon or demands a glimpse of UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Sites on your Golden Triangle India Tour, travelling to India will change your perspective in regards to women safety. Moreover, places like South India, Ladakh and similar, are considered the best for solo women travellers.


  1. Indian People Do Crazy Stuff

This you can relate very much if you had been to India. For international tourists, they find India very crazy. The way Indian people feed cows and pay homage as their mother is very strange but I like it very much – said “Peterson” – A Russian tourist on his incredible journey to India.


  1. Home To The Many Temples

Need your prayers to be answered? Look no further than India. Home to the divine pilgrimage, India is a country where you can channelize your spiritual side which holds a great historical and mythological significance. Places to visit in India like Varanasi encompasses Indian culture.

Foreigners on their India tour package get so thrilled by orange robes, smoking up, getting free food and then chill it off by taking a dip in the holy water of Ganga. If you want to see the divine side of India, we suggest you make your move to Varanasi with our affordable India tour packages that too with a guided tour, where you’ll learn about the history of this holy state. Sounds exciting, right?


  1. Numerous Festivals

If the travel bug has caught you on your vacations to India, consider visiting any of the famous cultural festivals of India. Travellers from all of the world are always intrigued to be a part of the cultural festivals like Pushkar Camel Fair, Hornbill Festival of Nagaland and Durga Puja of Kolkata, to see the vibrancy of Indian cultural festivals. Trust us, there would be hardly any dull moment while you visit any of these festivals in India. Besides this, you can capture the essence of the Rajasthani culture in your camera and showcase that on your Instagram feed.


  1. Weddings Here Are Valued More Than Any Other Events

Yes, you heard that right. The wedding here in India is considered more extravagant than any other festival. “If you once attend an Indian wedding and fall in love with it, you can’t go back to like the Catholic wedding”. Quoted Aura Li from France who has recently attended an Indian wedding of friend’s sister she met on her trip. You literally feel like a star at the wedding, everything is so glamorous and everything is so happy. There is no end to dancing and the rituals. I would die for an event like that”. Well, we do have weddings that can put the greatest celebrations in shame. And it’s not a one-day event but when the celebration goes for three to four days, there is no way you don’t fall in love with India.

So, what are you waiting for? We’ve given you enough reasons to visit incredible India. Tell us in the comment section below if we missed anything and we would acknowledge them in our next blog post.


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