Why Travelers Are Going Crazy For This All-Time Favorite Destination In Southeast Asia?

Citizens from more than 160+ countries can enter in the Indonesian province. 

You can also stay in Bali that too free of cost for 30 days. 


Think of Bali or spell it in someone else’s face, you will get the response that why this gorgeous island in Southeast Asia is every honeymooners and backpacker’s dream. From lush stretched greenery of landscapes to kilometres spread white-sensational beaches, from pristine waterfalls to ancient temples, Bali is LOVE! 


From the moment I set my shoes in this Indonesian province from India, things had been quite a rollercoaster right from the time of immigration stamps, customs clearance checks. If you are intending to visit Bali, land at Denpasar Airport. After you land at the airport, get ready to receive the sweet surprise – visa on arrival that too free of cost for the first 30 days! YASS!!


Believe me, you will be able to truly experience the charm of Bali that has been etched deep in my mind on my Bali vacation package. You will fall in love with the tranquil beaches, gorgeous islands, the red & frosty sunsets and most importantly, it’s the local people in Bali who are the most heartwarming people I met in any country. 


If you are a backpacker, you will meet other backpackers from various countries. The feeling of meeting with the locals and the other backpacker’s across the globe is something that will make your Bali trip worthwhile. I urge you to bond with the backpackers effortlessly who seems to share your vibes. 



Evoking the thoughts of paradise, Bali is much more than just a destination; it’s a mood, a desire, a peaceful state of mind. In Bali, you can lose your stress in the party vibes of Kuta, or indulge in the Boho and hippies culture of Seminyak, Canggu, or just live your beach moments in Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida. And yes, no trip to Bali is considered complete without visiting the Cultural Heart Of Bali – Ubud, which is known for its lush green rice terraces and gorgeous paddy fields. 


I have prepared day-wise content on what you can do in Bali including where to start; so keep reading!


Day 1: Explore South Bali – Kuta-Seminyak Beach For Surfing



You can check into an Instagram worthy hostel, the Cara Cara Inn in South Bali (in case you are looking for the budget staying option). From inhouse bar to the pool, the Cara Cara Inn in Kuta is an affordable hostel in Bali. 


You can create surfing plans in your mind and plan to beat the waves at Seminyak beach. Let me tell you that swimming is not a prerequisite for surfing. You will be instructed by your instructor for the first twenty to thirty minutes on how to keep your balance on surfboards. Don’t fret that you will be falling off the surfboard over and again. Once you will gradually start to get your grip and realize your mistakes, it will be easy for you to successfully balance on the surfboard. 


My Pro Tip – Don’t return from Bali without trying surfing. It’s a recommended thing to do in Bali. 


Tariff | 2.49 USD-2.85 USD


In the evening time, it will be fun if you spend the following night at SkyGarden, the most affluent clubs in Kuta. The music is groovy and people are dressed in their best attires. You can shake your legs on the rhythm of the music just like I did. 


Day 2: North Bali – Reserve The Day For Hiking Active Volcano 


Make your reservation in Ubud in the Pillow Inn hostel. This hostel never fails to entice and won the heart of travellers who stays here! It has a huge pool, top-notch staff, and comfortable rooms. 


This must be your day to embark for the ambitious sunrise trek to Mount Batur, which is the major reason to visit Bali. The trek starts at midnight and you must get awake around 2 a.m for the trek. It takes around 2 hours since the Mount Batur Trek is short and relatively easy. Around 5 a.m, you will be reaching at the summit peak and trust me, the views of the landscapes are rewarding to cherish after conquering the Mount Batur Sunrise Trek. 


Highlight Of This Trek | Surreal views in front of eyes, a moment of solitude while gazing at the spectacular sunset are the things you will enjoy at the Mount Batur. 


Day 3: Get To Explore Nusa Penida 

kelingking beach nusa penida

Explore the breathtaking Nusa Penida Island whose image is flooded over the internet when it comes to exploring the best tourist attractions in Bali


How To Get There?


Reach Sanur Harbour to board the ferry ride to Nusa Penida. Once you reach there, exploring the beaches will be the best thing you can do in Nusa Penida that too on a scooter ride that will cost you around 5 USD to 6 USD. 

Unheard Matters For You To Know Before You Visit Bali

So, gear up for some thrill and explore the gorgeous beaches. Start your beach adventure at the KelingKing beach. Also, Broken Beach is worth the ride in Nusa Penida. If you are looking for watersports, then adventures are in abundance in Nusa Penida. A must-do snorkelling point you will find there is Crystal Bay. Dive into the water with your snorkelling gear. 


My Pro Tip – The waves at Crystal Bay may get stronger so I suggest you not to dare for much farther away from the shore. 


I must tell you that visiting Bali in search of peaceful vibes, serenity, and tranquillity is my decision of life. 


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