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Do you have an obsession with travel? Seeking a way to break free from the monotony of a 9-5 job? Seize the opportunity to become your own boss and turn your travel obsession into a deeply rewarding career. With a laptop and internet connection, you are already halfway to achieving your dreams. The other half is fueled by your genuine enthusiasm for exploration. Culture Holidays promises everything after that is your profit to keep. 

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Are you looking for a full-time career, a part-time gig, or a means to generate passive income? This opportunity is tailor-made for you! Whether you are a seasoned professional or someone with a lifelong passion for travel, Culture Holidays invites you to grasp this chance and break the traditional career barriers. Don’t hesitate to take a leap with us and become a travel agent today. After all, you will get this flexibility to work on your own terms nowhere except with Culture Holidays!

You Don’t Need Any Degree To Become
A Travel Agent

Start your journey as a travel agent with ease! No degree required. Partner with Culture Holidays and become a certified travel advisor instantly. Join our network of 30000+ active agents. We offer comprehensive training, resources, and support to make your travel dreams a successful reality. Plus, earn a certificate as a certified destination expert.


Travel Agents


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destination expert

Our dedicated Culture ACADemy offers aspiring travel agents a wealth of training material.

Our dedicated Culture ACADemy offers aspiring travel agents a wealth of training material. We assist you with resources, and tools, and provide the helping hand you need to serve your customers with exceptional travel experiences.

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Pre-recorded Videos

Training Sessions


How Can I Promote My Business & Engage Customers?


Comprehensive Sales Tools

Our innovative sales tools empower you to craft captivating promotional flyers from a variety of appealing templates, enabling you to reach out to your customers through social media and beyond.


All Day, Everyday Support

Whether you are a dedicated working professional or you are a home-based parent, yearning for flexibility to earn as a travel advisor, we offer robust support for you to earn at any time with ease.


Gain Authentic Knowledge

Our mission is simple: to motivate, empower, educate, support, and promote travel advisors. We share authentic and profound knowledge to help them excel and reach the pinnacle of success.


 Have a Can-Do Attitude

whether a new travel agent, an experienced travel advisor, a working professional, or a travel enthusiast, can join us if they want to make money effortlessly in life.

Your Entrepreneurial Mindset & Our Efforts

We empower you to build your business, offering the opportunity to earn the highest commission rates on tour packages from day one, along with the freedom to succeed on your own terms. Partnering with us as a travel agent can be rewarding as you get access to:

350+ Tours

Choose from 350+ tours catering to every traveler. Explore exclusive FAM trips for travel agents, Signature, Awakening, Group, Private, and Special Occasion tours. Each journey is meticulously curated for unforgettable global experiences.

Highest Commissions

As a Culture Holidays travel agent, you have the flexibility to add your own markup to our competitively-priced tour packages. Take control of your earnings and maximize your commissions. Our structure is designed to support your financial success and growth.

Comprehensive Training and Certification

Empowerment through knowledge is key at Culture Holidays. Join our live webinars, watch pre-recorded videos, and attend destination training sessions for valuable industry insights. Earn a certification upon completion, boosting your credibility and expertise

Customizable tours and itineraries

Customize tours and craft unique itineraries on our platform, offering personalized travel experiences for your clients. Tailor trips to specific preferences, ensuring satisfaction and fostering repeat business.

Free Sales tools & Marketing Support

Promoting your services has never been easier. We provide free sales tools that allow you to create unlimited promotional flyers with a variety of appealing templates. Market your tours effectively through social media and other channels, all at no cost to you

Benefits you can’t afford to miss as an agent

Free Website

Get a fully functional, preloaded website featuring 350+ tours. Simply add $200 to your Culture Wallet, which will be adjusted in your first booking, making the website absolutely FREE. No technical skills are required!

Free Training

Explore our proactive learning platform for destination training with certification, effective marketing tactics, sales strategies, social media strategies, and millionaire mindset attributes. Grow like never before with us.

Add-Ons and Enhancements

Offer additional experiences to your customers by choosing from a range of add-ons, ensuring each trip is unique and memorable.

Free Flyers

We made advertising easy with our free sales tools. You can create unlimited flyers from a range of appealing templates to promote your tour through social media and increase sales effortlessly.

Agent Dashboard

Manage your business effortlessly with our intuitive dashboard. Track upcoming, completed, and canceled trips, make payments, check wallet amounts, and access itinerary details at a glance.

FAM Trips

Participate in familiarization trips to experience destinations firsthand and better sell them to your clients.

Ready to turn your travel dreams into reality? Join Culture Holidays today and become a part of our global family!

Who can be the right fit for the role of travel agent ?

You are and just anyone! Whether you're a woman, man, working professional, stay-at-home parent, or simply someone looking for an exciting part-time job, you can become a travel agent with us. There are no specific qualifications required—just an internet connection, a laptop, and a passion for travel.

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